You cry like a girl join ballet Kimi Raikkonens wife to Lewis Hamilton


London: The British Grand Prix might have ended on Monday with Sabastian Vettel winning at Silverstone but the spat between Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen reared its ugly head once again when the latter’s wife, Minttu, accused Hamilton of “crying like a girl”. She wrote a post on Instagram comparing Hamilton and Mercedes’ reaction with that of a girl and suggested them to‘join ballet.’

She said, “If you cry like a girl when you lose, do ballet. #Justsaying”.

Minttu’s comment comes after Hamilton had accused Raikkonen of using ‘interesting tactics.’

While Raikkonen had accepted his mistake after he collided with Hamilton during the 1st lap of the race, and even apologised on the podium, his wife went on to hit back at Hamilton and Mercedes.

Both Hamilton and Mercedes accepted that it was a ‘racing incident’.

Hamilton later clarified that he had accepted Raikkonen’s apology and recognised that their first lap collision in Sunday’s race was not deliberate.

He wrote: “Kimi said sorry and I accept it and we move on. It was a racing incident and nothing more,” Hamilton posted on Instagram. “Sometimes we say dumb s*** and we learn from it.”

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