Watch In CM Vijayans presence man with knife tries to enter Kerala House in Delhi


A man in a vehicle was gunned down after forcing his way inside the residence of former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Chairperson of National Conference party Farooq Abdullah at Bhatindi in Jammu on Saturday morning.

The man identified as Murfas Shah is a resident of Poonch district in the state. At first, the man breached the main gate or the VIP gate in an XUV 500, an SUV. He had a scuffle with the duty officers there. A duty officer was injured in the scuffle. After that, he made forced entry into the house. The security forces deployed at the house opened fire and killed the man.

There has been damage to the property of the house. The vehicle of the man has also been badly damaged.
A CRPD personnel said that the man didn’t listen to warnings of the CRPF. The Section of 38 BN CRPF manning the gate opened fire on the vehicle.

The body of the man has been recovered and search of the vehicle is going on.

Speaking to reporters, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Jammu Vivek Gupta said, “The intruder breached the main gate and went inside. He had a scuffle with the duty officers there. Duty officer was also injured. After that he entered the residence, there has been some sort of damage to the articles over there. Subsequently, he was shot dead.”

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SD Singh Jamwal, the Inspector General of Police Jammu Zone, said that the man was unarmed. He said, “There was an attempt of forceful entry into the house by an individual named Murfas Shah, a resident of Poonch. He forced his way through the VIP gate in an SUV. He was unarmed. An investigation is underway.”

Following the incident, the father of the man asked why his son was not arrested instead of being killed. He also asked how would his son be able to breach the gate if the security guards were there. He said, “He was with me last night. He goes to the gym daily and left for that today. I want to know why was he killed. Where were the security guards when he breached the gate? Why didn’t they arrest him?”

The Jammu and Kashmir police have reached the spot and the whole area has been cordoned off. The police is investigating the matter.

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