Was Shilpa Shetty dating Salman Khan in the past? Here's the truth

Was Shilpa Shetty dating Salman Khan in the past Heres the truth


New Delhi: Bollywood stunner Shilpa Shetty has a huge fan following who love to follow her and know details about her upcoming projects. Recently, a rumour caught fire about the leggy lass having dated none other than superstar Salman Khan in the past.

Surprised? Well, not just you but even the actress was on hearing such statements. The duo shares a great vibe and have worked in films such as Phir Milenge, Garv: Pride and Honour, Auzaar, and Shadi Karke Phass Geya to name a few. Pinkvilla.com quoted the actress as rubbishing all these claims in an interview: “We didn’t go out on a date as such. In those days, actors shared a great camaraderie. Salman is a very humble, loving and grounded human being.”

“I remember, he would come to my house even at midnight sometimes, and by that time I’d already be asleep. Then Salman and my dad would sit down and drink a few pegs together. I remember, when my dad passed away, Salman came home, went straight to the bar table, laid his head down on it and cried”, she said.
The speculation was rife that the two dated back in the days when they did films together. But the fitness freak actress has brushed aside all such claims.

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