Unwarranted accusations are unfortunate Rajnath Singh in Parliament after NRC ruckus


New Delhi: Lashing out once again at critics of the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) report in Assam, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that unwarranted accusations being made by opposition parties are unfortunate.

Speaking on a day which began with Trinamool Congress’ Saugata Roy moved an adjournment motion over the detention of TMC delegation at Silchar airport on Thursday, Rajnath said that there is no room to doubt the fairness of NRC. “Whole procedure of NRC in Assam was undertaken under supervision of Supreme Court. I would like to repeat that its a draft and not final, everyone will get chance to appeal. It’s a totally fair process. Unwarranted accusations are unfortunate,” he said during a heated debate on the issue. “I am saying this again, that no coercive action will be taken against anyone in any situation. Attempts to create an atmosphere of fear are condemnable.”

The opposition has taken the NRC issue, which has left out close to 40 lakh people in the second and final draft, as a major weapon against the government. At the forefront is West Bengal Mamata Banerjee who even said that NRC would lead to bloodbath and civil war – a comment much slammed by the BJP.
The biggest flashpoint so far though has been the detention of eight members of a TMC delegation at Assam’s Silchar airport. The delegation was to undertake a ground assessment of the situation post the NRC report.

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