TV actress Rupali Ganguli injured in road rage incident shares ordeal on Twitter

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New Delhi: Famous for her role in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, television actress Rupali Ganguli suffered minor injuries when two bikers, in a fit of rage, attacked her car in Mumbai’s Andheri area on Saturday morning. The actress took to her Twitter handle to narrate her horrific ordeal.

Ganguli wrote that her car accidentally brushed against the car while she was on her way to drop her 5-year old son.

“For the first time in my life I experienced #RoadRage!2 #Hooligans on a bike smashed my car window and kept hurling abuses at me in front of my 5yr old son!I dint note down the number or even take their pics-my only agenda was to get my petrified child n his caretaker to safety, Ganguli wrote on Twitter.
In a series of tweets, Rupali narrated how unapologetically the bikers thrashed the car window that hurt her and her child.

“Went with my crying child straight to #versovapolice and filed and FIR.. seeing the state of my car and me bleeding they all rushed to help…but all they had was this screenshot from #goodshepardchurch.. we went back to the spot and looked for the #spiritofmumbai @MumbaiPolice, ” her tweet read.
Rupali also wrote about the people of Mumbai who did not help despite witnessing everything.

“#spiritofmumbai does not exist!!!! The people just stood there watching two women and child being attacked in a car being by two #scums!I was on my way to drop my son to school at 8.20am! They all just stood and saw the #tamasha! Not one person came to help or intervene!, ” she wrote
“Only one woman on a bike and two women in a rickshaw came later and offered to help us!!! #women!!! Where were the #men ???? MumbaiPolice #thankyou for doing all that you guys do for this city which has the most #indifferent breed of people, ” she added.
“But By 9.30pm the #versovapolice had nabbed the culprits! I don’t know how they did it but incredibly they had the #loosers in front of me to identify!!! #Kudos and #millionthanks @MumbaiPolice! This is the second time #versovapolice has been to my #rescue!.”
The actress thanked Mumbai Police for restoring their faith in humanity.

“true #spiritofmumbai I found in @mumbaipolice !Thank you so much was restoring my child’s faith that police will punish the bad guy #Versovapolice #Badguzar sir,#Om sir detection head,#mohite sir detection, #rakshe sir duty officer and #Jhende sir for always being there,” her tweet read.
“These were the guys! The one on the left broke the glass with a punch! Wish he would put his strength to better use than scaring women and children #RoadRage @MumbaiPolice, ” Rupali tweeted.
Rupali is known for her roles in Kahaani Ghar Ghar, Sanjivani, Paravarish to name a few.

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