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New Delhi: July 27, 2018, is when the world will experience a magnificent celestial event. The longest total lunar eclipse of this century, also known as the Super Blood Moon will take place on the intervening night of July 27 and 28. The eclipse is the longest one because it has a duration of 1 hour and 43 minutes. In the Hindu calender, the Eclipses hold a special significance and there are various myths associated with the same.
Timings of the Lunar Eclipse

It will be visible in New Delhi. The Penumbral Eclipse begins at 22.44 PM IST on July 27. The partial eclipse of the Moon will begin at 23h 54m IST on July 27. The Moon will be gradually covered by the Earth’s shadow and the totality phase will begin at 1h 00m IST on July 28.

The total eclipse will last up to 2h 43m IST on 28 July.

Then the Moon will start to gradually come out of Earth’s shadow and partial eclipse will end at 3h 49m IST on July 28.

Myths associated with Lunar Eclipses

In India, there are several myths associated with the eclipse. It is believed that after the Grahan is over, one should take a bath in the holy river Ganges and change to new clothes. Taking a dip in holy water will lead to salvation or moksha, some believe.

Also, preparation of food or eating is prohibited during the Grahan. Commencing any auspicious task is avoided by many as well. Especially, pregnant women are asked to stay indoors and chant the Santana Gopala Mantra.

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