Randhir Kapoor gets emotional as RK Studios celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi for the last time Watch

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New Delhi: Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor confirmed last month that the famous RK Studios in Mumbai is up for sale. The property was built nearly 70 years ago by legendary actor Raj Kapoor. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated at the property by the Kapoor Khandaan. This can be the last time that the Kapoor’s celebrate the festival at their ancestral property before it is sold.

A video has been doing rounds on the internet that shows Randhir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor performing Ganesh aarti at the place.
As per a Bollywoodlife report, Randhir Kapoor spoke to the press on the occasion and couldn’t hold back his emotions about selling the studio. The report further states that Kapoor said he and his family were sad that they have to sell the studio but after the fire, it is nearly impossible for them to revive the production house and revamp the place.

RK studio was in news last year when a major fire broke out on the sets of a television show. Earlier, reports were that RK Studios will be re-built. However, Rishi Kapoor confirmed to Mumbai Mirror that the property is up for sale.

Mirror quoteD Senior Kapoor as saying, “For a while, we did juggle with the idea of renovating the place with state-of-the-art technology. However, in reality it isn’t always possible for a phoenix to rise from the ashes. We Kapoors are very emotional lot but then…”

The actor added “The investment in rebuilding the studio would just not have yielded sufficient revenue to keep it going. Believe me, we had to take the larger picture into account and take a level-headed decision. Even before the fire, for years R. K. Studio had become a huge white elephant, toting up losses. The few bookings we would get from films, TV serials and ad shoots would expect free parking space, air-conditioning and discounts.”

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