One billion cricket fans, 39% women: Amazing numbers from ICC research

One billion cricket fans 39% women Amazing numbers from ICC research


New Delhi: Did you know that there are one billion fans of cricket around the world and that women are almost as passionate about the sport as men? These and many more interesting facts have emerged from a large-scale market research carried out by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

In a press release on Wednesday, the ICC put out the highlights of its research which was based on surveys of people between 16 and 69 years of age. The ICC found that that the average age of the one billion cricket fans globally is 34 with 39% being women and girls. The world body also found that there is an increased interest in women’s cricket with two-thirds of those interviewed saying they are interested and 70% saying that they would want to see more live coverage of women’s cricket.

As for the debate between the different formats of the sport, two-thirds of those surveyed over 16 years of age said they enjoy all three equally. The significance of international tournaments like the ICC Cricket World Cup and ICC World Twenty20 though stands apart with an overwhelming majority saying these were their favourite.
The ICC also found that Test cricket has the most takers in England and Wales with 70% respondents giving the format a thumbs up. South Africans are more for ODIs with 91% choosing the format while Pakistan went led the level of interest in T20Is. T20Is are also the most popular format overall around the world with ODIs a close second.

The ICC says that it will use these insights to further help promote all three formats of the game and take it to people who are currently outside its realm of influence.

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