Jinnah portrait in AMU since 1938 controversy over a non issue AMU vice chancellor Tariq Mansoor


Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) vice chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor has said that the controversy over portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the varsity is a non-issue. Pointing that the portrait had been at AMU since 1938, he further said that the students protest in the campus had not no relation with the controversy.

“Jinnah’s portrait has been here since 1938. Jinnah’s portrait is at many places including Bombay High Court and Sabarmati Ashram. No one was worried about the portraits until now, I think it is a non-issue,” said Professor Tariq Mansoor.

The vice chancellor confirmed that the agitation by students had no relation to the Jinnah portrait controversy. He said that the students were protesting against people who had come to the campus to disturb peace on May 2.

“Students agitation had no relation to Jinnah portrait row, they were protesting against people who came to AMU to disturb peace on May 2. Spoken to chief secretary for a judicial inquiry into the incident, said the AMU vice chancellor.

The vice chancellor had on Tuesday issued a notice to the varsity students, and had blamed media for spreading lies. “A section of media channels are responsible for spreading lies,” he had said. Requesting the students to not fall for such information, VC Tariq Mansoor advised them to focus on the examinations.

Accusing a section of television channels, the university authority said, “As you all know, our beloved university is passing through a difficult phase, taking advantage of the present crisis, section of media especially some TV channels, armed with all kinds of half-truths, are constantly trying to create a very negative image of the university.”

The statement further added, “Dear students, we should not fall into the trap of some forces, which are bent on destroying the image of our Alma Mater and playing with your bright future.”

On Monday, the varsity examinations were deferred till May 12.

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