Honour killing in Muzaffarnagar, 19-year-old girl killed, buried by father

Honour killing in Muzaffarnagar 19 year old girl killed buried by father


MUZAFFARNAGAR: A 19-year-old Muslim girl was allegedly killed by her father Maqsood and buried in the house in yet another case of honour killing in Muzaffarnagar. The girl Sakira was allegedly in a relationship with her 24-year-old neighbour Munasib, as per a report in the DNA.

When Sakira’s family got to know about the relationship, they banned Munasib from entering their house and even placed a lot of restrictions on Sakira too. They had warned her against meeting Munasib and had even threatened to kill her if she defied the orders.

However, the two stayed in touch over the phone that was gifted to Sakira by Munasib. The situation worsened when Maqsood woke up one night and caught Sakira talking to Munasib.
He took away the mobile phone from her also and locked her in a room. On finding one chance to escape confinement, she fled the house and decided to meet Munasib. But before she could flee, Maqsood caught her on the outskirts of the village.

In a fit of rage, Maqsood killed her and buried her in an under-construction part of the house. The incident took place nearly two months ago. A few days later, Sakira’s relatives and neighbours got suspicious about her being missing and informed the police.

When questioned by the police, Maqsood broke down and admitted to killing his daughter. Police dug the place that he informed them about and recovered her highly-decomposed body.

Apart from Maqsood, his wife and son were also allegedly involved in the honour killing. All the three have been arrested and a case has been filed against them at Kakrauli Police Station. The body of the victim has been sent for post-mortem to ascertain the cause of death.

As per the police, Maqsood’s main objection to her daughter’s relationship with Munasib was that both of them belonged to the same orthodox Jhojha Sunni Muslim community and same village. And as per tage-oldold tradition, their khap panchayat does not allow marriages within the same village.

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