Fuel price continues to rise Petrol hits record high of Rs 80.73 in Delhi Rs 88.12 in Mumbai


NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: The fuel prices continued on its upward trajectory, with the price of Petrol touching Rs 80.73/litre in Delhi and Rs 88.12/litre in Mumbai.

Delhi witnessed a rise of Rs 0.23/litre while Mumbai saw an increase of Rs 0.23/litre.

Both the metros also witnessed a rise in diesel prices.
In Delhi, diesel prices stood at Rs 72.83/litre, up by Rs 0.22/litre. In Mumbai, the price of diesel touched Rs 77.32/litre, up by Rs 0.23/litre.

Prices of non-branded petrol in metro-cities

Cities (Rs/litre)
New Delhi 80.73
Kolkata 83.61
Mumbai 88.12
Chennai 83.91
Prices of non-branded diesel in metro-cities

Cities (Rs/litre)
New Delhi 72.83
Kolkata 75.68
Mumbai 77.32
Chennai 76.98
(Source: Indian Oil) Prices may vary from outlet to outlet within a city

Fuel price surge has been primarily due to the high cost of global crude oil and a weak rupee.

On the currency front, the Indian rupee settled above Rs 71 to dollar in the spot market for the week ended on Friday. It closed at 71.73, stronger by 26 paise than its previous close of 71.99 per greenback.

Currently, UK Brent crude oil prices stand at around $77 per barrel.

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