French vessel to reach injured Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy shortly to rescue him


Injured Navy Commander Abhilash Tomy, who currently lies injured in his sailing vessel in the south of Indian Ocean, will soon be rescued by a French vessel. Despite the hostile weather, French ship Osiris led by Irish sailor Irish sailor Gregor Mc Guckin will soon be reaching Tomy. Wave heights of 5-8 metres are being experienced in the area during the time of the rescue operations.

Navy Spokesperson DK Sharma said that the Indian sailor will be given first aid and will then be rescued. “Help is reaching Commander and Golden Globe Race (GGR) skipper Abhilash Tomy anytime. He will be rendered first aid and then will be rescued,” the Navy Spokesperson said.

The Rescue Mission is being coordinated with the Australian Navy. “HMAS Ballarat is on its way assist an injured solo yachtsman, approximately 1800 nautical miles off the WA coast. The sailor, an officer in the Indian Navy is understood to have suffered a serious back injury when his ten-metre vessel, “Thuriya” was de-masted in extreme weather,” the Royal Australian Navy had tweeted.

“We will find your man,” Rear Admiral Jonathan Mead Commander Australian Fleet had said when the Indian Navy had reached out to them for help.

Tomy, representing India in the Golden Globe Race 2018 (GGR) on an indigenously built sailing vessel ‘Thuriya’, was dismasted and suffered a back injury on Friday.

He is in the south Indian Ocean, approximately 1900 nautical miles from Perth, Australia and about 2700 nautical miles from Cape Comorin.

The Indian Navy’s P-8I aircraft is on the scene to coordinate the final stretch of the rescue operation. Navy had on Sunday tweeted: “Capability of our P8i has been a humongous force multiplier who has given us and the Australian MRCC a huge input into the state of Thuriya for planning purposes. Indian Naval Defence Attache’ in Australia camping in regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC).”

The Indian Navy sources said the capability of the P8i has been a “humongous force multiplier” who has given it and the Australian MRCC a huge input into the state of Thuriya for planning purposes.

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