FIFA World Cup 2018: Rivaldo asks Neymar to ignore criticisms from other countries

FIFA World Cup 2018 Rivaldo asks Neymar to ignore criticisms from other countries


Rivaldo Ferreira, the ex-soccer player who was part of the Brazilian squad that won the FIFA World Cup in 2002, told Neymar on Wednesday to ignore the criticisms directed at him for his controversial falls in the field, telling him to keep on falling in the 2018 World Cup Russia.

“Neymar, play as you always do and don’t worry about the comments from other countries because many have already returned home,” Rivaldo, who like Neymar was also an FC Barcelona star, said in a message on his Facebook account.

“If you have to dodge, dodge. If you have to do an elegant play, do it. If you have to make a goal, make it. If you have to fall down for a foul, fall down. And if you have to buy time by lying in the field, do it. They all do the same,” added the winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year in 1999.
Rivaldo said the controversy surrounding Neymar’s falls – some of which turned into widespread mockeries across social networks – is due to the fact that the Brazilian squad is the biggest star left in the 2018 World Cup Russia.

“And that, unfortunately, is bothering a lot of people, and I don’t know why. Go on with the attack, as always, and continue to enchant us with your soccer,” added the Brazilian team’s former attacker before signing off with “a hug.”

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