Doklam chapter with India has been turned over Chinese envoy


Amritsar: Nearly a year after the Doklam row strained ties between two nuclear-powered Asian giants India and China, Luo Zhaohui – the Chinese Ambassador to India – has now said that the Doklam chapter is now over and that two countries have reached a consensus to look forward.

Zhaohui said this after visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar on Friday.

Speaking to reporters, Zhaohui said, “That page has already been turned over. We have reached a consensus to look forward. So that’s why the Chinese Prime Minister (Xi Jinping) and Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi) have met many a time this year.”
The Chinese official further said that he was happy and optimistic about strong bilateral relations between the two countries.

The remarks from the Chinese envoy comes nearly a year after a military stand-off began between India and China after the latter’s troops tried to construct a road at the disputed territory in violation of understandings arrived at by both countries.

The bitter military stand-off between the two powerful nations lasted for about 73 days.

The stand-off began on June 16, 2017, and was resolved on August 28 after both the countries announced the withdrawal of their troops.

Importantly, Zhaohui had said last month that neither India nor China can afford to have another Doklam-like incident, which threatened peace and stability in the region.

The Chinese official also called for making sincere efforts by the two sides to maintain peace along the border.

The Chinese envoy also shared some pictures of various events he attended in Punjab on his Twitter handle where he can be seen wearing a turban.
Shortly after his arrival in Amritsar, Zhaohui was welcomed by the Gurdwara Committee in Golden Temple on Friday.

The committee also honoured Zhaohui with a Golden Temple memento.

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