Arijit Singh’s two marriages to overnight stardom

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Before 2013, India had a hazy idea of who Arijit Singh was. Then Aashiqui 2 happened.

Tum Hi Ho climbed its way to the top of music charts and refused to budge for many, many months, long after the film released and got off screens. And the voice behind Tum Hi Ho, Arijit Singh, became an overnight sensation.

Song offers came to Arijit before he could blink. Every film, romantic or otherwise, had at least one Arijit Singh song as part of its soundtrack.

Every music composer and film producer wanted to give Bollywood another Tum Hi Ho. But no one quite succeeded in replicating the history that the Aashiqui 2 title track created.

On his part, Arijit Singh soon became a name to reckon with in Bollywood. He became ubiquitous, from FM channels to paan shops; every playlist had at least one Arijit Singh song. That has stayed the norm for more than five years now.

On Arijit Singh’s 31st birthday, take a look at the musician’s little-known personal life:

The media-shy Arijit has always managed to keep his personal life out of the glare of the cameras.

The singer was born to a family well-versed in music. His Punjabi father and Bengali mother were part of a family that was trained in Indian classical music.

Singh, as a result, grew up receiving a training in music first at home, and then professional.

It was the 2005 reality show Fame Gurukul that brought Arijit Singh his first brush with fame. He made it to the finals but was declared runner-up.

Soon after, Singh went to participate in another music reality show called 10 Ke 10 Le Gaye Dil, which he won.

Arijit worked as an assistant music programmer to several Bollywood musicians including Pritam and Vishal-Shekhar.

Back when Arijit was working as a music programmer, he tied the knot with a fellow reality-show contestant.

Not much is known about Arijit’s first marriage apart from the fact that it did not last long. The two had a quick divorce and moved on with their respective lives.

Several sources say that Arijit’s first marriage was an impulsive one and was done in haste.

The couple soon realised that there were cracks in the relationship and that the marriage wouldn’t last. Rumours say that Arijit went through an ugly divorce.

After Arijit tasted unbelievable fame with Tum Hi Ho, he decided to tie the knot a second time.


In 2014, Arijit married his childhood sweetheart Koel Roy at Tarapith temple in West Bengal. The wedding was a private affair, with only his close friends and family in attendance.

In 2016, the musician wished his fans and followers a happy new year on social media, with a photo of himself with his wife.

Arijit Singh, over the years, has shared several photos of his two sons of social media, albeit with the caveat that ‘only’ he is allowed to post the photos online.

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