Pujara slams 200 against England in Ahmedabad Test

ENGLAND: Over: 16 II Score: 31/3 ( 1st innings)

Ojha beats Compton with a classic left arm spinner’s delivery. Two slips, a gully and a silly point for Compton.

James Anderson is the new man. Ashwin causing a lot of problems for the batsmen.

Ojha continues from the other end. Anderson living dangerously here.

England are losing their way here.

Cook: 18*, Pietersen: 1*

NRD Compton b Ashwin 9 (53b 0x4 0x6)

JM Anderson c Gambhir b Ojha 2 (6b 0x4 0x6)

IJL Trott c Pujara b Ashwin 0 (4b 0x4 0x6)

Trott is caught at forward short leg by Pujara off Ashwin. England are in big time trouble

Anderson is gone. The ball hit the bat and pad and looped to Gambhir at forward short leg. The night watchman has failed to survive the night.

India get a breakthrough. Compton is out Bowled by Ashwin for 9 runs.

ENGLAND: Over: 10 II Score: 22/0 ( 1st innings)

Zaheer bowls another tight over. Just a single off it.

Ashwin bowls five dot delieveries. Compton does not seem to be picking him well. Gets two runs off the last ball.

Another maiden over rfom Zaheer Khan. It may be time for Umesh Yadav to be given a go. Zaheer is bowling well but not looking threatening.

Ojha into the attack. Bowling with a lot of flight. Just one run off the over.

Zaheer to continue with just one slip and a gully. Compton leaves one that was coming in from Zaheer and just misses the stumps.

Cook: 15*, Compton: 7*

ENGLAND: Over: 5 II Score: 18/0 ( 1st innings)

Ashwin to start off proceedings for India. Starts off with a short and wide one and Cook smashes it towards point for a boundary. Cook gets a bottom edge off the last ball for four.

Zaheer to bowl from the other end. Huge appeal for a leg before from Zaheer. The umpire does not respond in the bowler’s favour. Cook pulls one off Zaheer for a boundary. He is looking in good touch. Compton lashes onto a short one but Sehwag stops what would have been a certain boundary.

Ashwin has adjusted his length in this over. Ashwin beats Cook with a beautiful delivery.

Zaheer bowls a maiden to Compton.

Ashwin settling in and bowling really well now. Cook has been lucky to survive a few scares. Compton works the last ball on the on side to retain the strike.

Cook: 15*, Compton: 3*

INDIA: Over: 160 II Score: 521/8 ( 1st innings)

India have declared their innings at 521 for the loss of 8 wickets. Pujara remained unbeaten on 206* and Ojha was on 0*. Indian bowlers will now have a go at the England batsmen. Swann was the best bowler for England with figures of 5/144. Samit Patel, Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson picked up a wicket each.

Pujara: 206*, Ojha: 0*

Zaheer Khan is out caught at gully by Trott

Z Khan c Trott b Anderson 7 (10b 1×4 0x6)

INDIA: Over: 155 II Score: 510/7(1st innings)

Pujara cuts one square off Pietersen. The fielder stops the ball before it reaches the boundary. Pujara gets 2 runs.

Zaheer comes to the wicket at the fall of Ashwin’s wicket.

Pujara: 202*, Zaheer: 0*

R Ashwin c Prior b Pietersen 23 (52b 2×4 0x6)

Ashwin is out caught behind off Pietersen

Pujara gets to 200*. He has looked very composed throughout the innings.He has certainly proved himself to be a worthy successor to Rahul Dravid.


At tea India were 502 for the loss of 6 wickets with Cheteshwar Pujara unbeaten on 196* and Ashwin providing him good company on 21*. India made 92 runs in this session with the loss of two wickets. Pujara is close to his reaching his double century and we will probably see India declare their innings after he achieves that milestone.

It’s been a hard day for the English bowlers. Swann looked the best of the lot and managed to pick up the wicket of M.S. Dhoni taking his tally to 5 wickets. Samit Patel dismissed Yuvraj Singh picking up his only wicket of the innings. All other England bowlers have toiled hard but have remained wicketless.

INDIA: Over: 152 II Score: 502/6(1st innings)

Pietersen back into the attack.

Easy singles on offer for the batsmen.

Ashwin sccops one in the air but just past covers.

Pujara: 196*, Ashwin: 21*

INDIA: Over: 150 II Score: 493/6(1st innings)
Batsmen having to work hard for their runs.

Ashwin pulls off a brilliant square cut to send the ball to the boundary. Broad bowling with the wicket-keeper standing up.

Pujara pulls a short ball from Swann for a boundary.

Broad bowling round the wicket now. Pujara and Ashwin work him around for singles.

Pujara: 191*, Ashwin: 17*

INDIA: Over: 145 II Score: 467/6(1st innings)

Ashwin seeps one from Swann to deep square leg for a four.

Samit Patel bowls short from over the wicket and Pujara smashes it for a boundary.

Pujara: 176*, Ashwin: 7*

INDIA: Over: 140 II Score: 451/6(1st innings)

Pujara survives a scare in the last over. Lunges forward to defend but the ball catches the outside edge and flies towards a vacant gully.

Pujara: 166*, Ashwin: 1*

INDIA: Over: 135 II Score: 444/6(1st innings)

Dhoni scoops one in the air but hits it over the fielder at mid off.

Pujara plays a perfect straight drive off Bresnan. That’s as good as it gets.

Five wicket haul for Swann and four of them have been bowled.

MS Dhoni b Swann 5 (37b 0x4 0x6)

Dhoni is out. Dhoni sweeps one from Swann which hit the glove and rolled onto the stumps.

MS Dhoni b Swann 5 (37b 0x4 0x6)

INDIA: Over: 130 II Score: 431/5(1st innings)

Dhoni playing watchfully and looking in no hurry to accelerate.

Pujara continues to play his natural game.Has hit a couple of elegant boundaries.

Cheteswar Pujara gets to 150*. He is surely not one to throw his wicket away.

INDIA: Over: 125 II Score: 414/5(1st innings)

India have lost Yuvraj immediately after lunch.

Yuvraj Singh c Swann b Patel 74 (151b 6×4 2×6)

Yuvraj is gone. Mistimes a full toss from Samit Patel high in the air and straight into the hands of Swann. Yuvraj is gone for 74 runs. Captain Dhoni comes to the crease.

Lunch Report

At Lunch India were 410 for the loss of 4 wickets with Pujara batting on 133* and Yuvraj on 72*. India will feel content that they did not lose any wickets in the first session of the 2nd day although they did not match up to the rate at which runs were scored yesterday. The highlight of the innings was Pujara who scored his second career century. Yuvraj Singh also got to his half century which included some powerful shots.

England bowlers toiled hard and appealed even harder but with no success. Swann caused a few problems initially for both batsmen but was unable to take wickets. Anderson also bowled well in patches but could not keep up the pressure on the Indian batsmen.

INDIA: Over: 121 II Score: 410/4(1st innings)

INDIA: Over: 110 II Score: 382/4(1st innings)

Anderson and Samit Patel bowling well in tandem.

Yuvraj and Pujara have denied England early wickets although they have not scored at a brisk pace.

Pujara: 123*, Pujara: 54*

Yuvraj gets to his fifty. Heaves Samit Patel’s delivery wide of deep mid wicket for a boundary.

INDIA: Over: 106 II Score: 367/4(1st innings)

Runs have been hard to come by for India. England are bowling well.

Indian batsmen survived a few scares.

Pujara and Yuvraj have shown good application.

Pujara:115*, Yuvraj: 47*

INDIA: Over: 100 II Score: 360/4(1st innings)

Broad trying the short one on Yuvraj. The pitch is too slow for the short ball to be effective though. Yuvraj pulls one to the deep mid wicket fence.

Pujara has been offering his pads to a few deliveries. There have been a few huge appeals against him.

Pujara: 113*, Yuvraj: 42*

INDIA: Over: 95 II Score: 345/4(1st innings)

Fifteen runs off the last over from Swann. Pujara hit him for a boundary to get to his century and then Yuvraj smashed him for a six and a four.

Pujara: 105*, Yuvraj: 35*

Cheteswar Pujara has scored a century. This has been a fantastic knock from him.

Ahmedabad: India finished Day 1 at 323 for the loss of 4 wickets. They would be satisfied with the overall performance. Pujara (98*) and Yuvraj (24*) are the overnight batsmen and they would ideally look to bat for two more sessions so that they put up a big first innings total.

England on the other hand would be looking to pick up a few quick wickets. The second new ball is still just 3 overs old so they would be looking to make full use of it and trouble the Indian batsmen. Swann will again be their main bowler and England`s fortunes will depend to a large extent on how the champion spinner performs.

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