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No SMS to Sooraj Pancholi from Jiah Khan


Police have started investigating into the reason behind Jiah Khan’s suicide, but seem to have met with a hurdle at the very first stage.

According to a leading daily, when the police started searching Suraj Pancholi’s cell phone, they found the message inbox to be empty. On the other hand, recovery of messages from the late actresses phones before she hanged herself after an argument with Suraj is going slow as most of them are password-locked.

Suraj along with his father, actor Aditya Pancholi and sister Sana had visited the Sagar Sangeet building in Juhu on Wednesday, where 25-year-old actress had committed suicide. They even accompanied Jiah’s family in the funeral procession to the Santa Cruz cemetery.

“Suraj wanted to see Jiah before she makes her last journey. So the family first went home and then accompanied them to the kabrastan,” a source close to the Pancholis said.

The police are said to be examining Jiah`s last calls and texts carefully to find out what drove her to take such an extreme step of ending her life.

Reportedly, the police have managed to open the SMS inbox of one of Jiah’s mobiles in which Suraj sent a message just before she killed herself, saying that she had made his “life a prison” by “spying on him” in abusive language.

Jiah had slit her wrist in a bid to commit suicide eight months back. He was at Worli at that point and had called a friend to help Jiah. Suraj had then informed Jiah`s mother Rabiya (who was then in London) about Jiah’s attempted suicide and asked her to come to India to be by her daughter’s side.

Before committing suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan, Jiah is said to have had an argument with Suraj.

Explaining the sequence of events, a family friend said that Jiah wanted to meet Suraj on Monday to tell him that she had signed some films. Suraj asked her to give him some time and promised to meet a day later.

Suraj then asked his domestic help to buy a bouquet of lilies and drop it at Jiah`s house with a message wishing her luck, but Jiah insisted on meeting him in person and wanted him to spend time with her.

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