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Newspaper Declares Shashi Dead; Kapoor Alive In Mumbai Hospital


In a horrific twist that takes inaccurate reportage to a new low, a leading newspaper claimed that Shashi Kapoor, who was ailing for quite some time now, had passed away.

News spread like the proverbial wildfire and even as socialites readied to tog up in white chiffon and shed copious crocodile tears… the leading newspaper verified facts… and declared Shashi Kapoor to be alive and safe!

Kapoor, 72, was critical and alive in a suburban Mumbai hospital. The star of films such as ‘Jab Jab Phool Khile’, ‘Deewaar’ and ‘Junoon’ had been lying low for quite some time owing to poor health, but a spokesperson for the hospital confirmed that he was alive.

The newspaper has drawn flak by the truckloads for its carelessness. Expectedly, a rash of tweets too buzzed the micro blogging site. Sample these, for starters…

* “They said Shashi Kapoor is no more and now they say “he is alive”. Breaking news is officially dead! Long live Shashi kapoor!”

* No one killed Jessica…. but newspaper just killed Shashi Kapoor

* Twitter gets its knickers in a twist over the news on Mr.Shashi Kapoor.

* Newspaper killed Shashi Kapoor without even confirming if he is dead or not. Hope they have learnt a lesson today, pls double check in future.

* Shashi Kapoor is very much alive. Newspaper journo is an idiot.

* Shashi Kapoor to newspaper: Abhi hum zinda hain

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