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India vs Pakistan 2013 Live score Kolkata ODI


PAKISTAN: Overs: 48.3 II Score: 250/10 (Jamshed: 106, Sharma: 3/34)

Mohammad Irfan has been cleaned up by Ishant Sharma as Pakistan are all out for 250. A straight delivery from Ishant and it beats him to knock out the middle stump! He goes for a duck. A brilliant comeback from India as they restrict Pakistan to 250.

Pakistan will be disappointed with this effort as apart from the opening pair of Jamshed and Hafeez none of their batsmen has made a significant contribution. Younis Khan must be disappointed as he was wrongly given out lbw after the ball had taken a big inside edge to hit him on the pad. However, the rest were out while playing rash strokes as Indian bowlers continued building pressure lead by Ishant Sharma. Ravindra Jadeja broke the century stand with the wicket of Hafeez. However, amidst the regular flow of wickets, Jamshed continued with his superb form and slammed yet another century against India. He scored 106 before being stumped off Jadeja. India need 251 to win this second ODI and level the three-match series 1-1.

It has been a terific turnaround as Pakistan at one stage were looking all set to cross 300-run mark but from 141/0 they ended up with 250/10 – losing 10 wickets for 109 runs!!!

PAKISTAN: Overs: 48.1 II Score: 250/9 (Irfan: 0*, J. Khan: 0*)

OUT! Bowled him! An angled delivery from Ishant and Gul looks to hit it over midwicket. He misses it completely as the ball kisses the stumps. He scored 17 (17b, 4X1, 6X1).

PAKISTAN: Overs: 47.5 II Score: 249/8 (Gul: 16*, Khan: 0*)

OUT! B. Kumar finally gets a wicket as he drops one short and Ajmal mistimes a pull that balloons into the air and Sehwag accepts an easy catch at midwicket. He scored 6 (7b, 4X1).

PAKISTAN: Overs: 45.1 II Score: 236/7 (Gul: 8*, Ajmal: 0*)

OUT! Finally Ishant Sharma rewarded for his superb effort with the wicket of Shoaib Malik. A subdued celebrations from the lanky pacer. Knows it well more than anyone else how hard he has worked for this. Sharma rolls his fingers and sends a slower one first up as Malik gets deceived into playing an aerial drive that is easily caught by Yuvraj at extra cover. He scored 24 (30b, 4X2).

PAKISTAN: Overs: 45 II Score: 231/6 (Malik: 21*, Gul: 8*)

A good over from Ashoke Dinda as he keeps Malik guessing with his slower ones. Just three runs off it. There was a run out chance in the over as Malik played one to backward point and set off for a non-existent run. Gul had almost given up but Jadeja’s throw couldn’t find the timbers.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 44 II Score: 228/6 (Malik: 19*, Gul: 7*)

Umar Gul bends on one knee and launches one from Ravindra Jadeja over midwicket region for a maximum! This over also ends Jadeja’s spell. His figures: 10-1-41-3. In the previous over, Dhoni brought in Yuvraj but he was given a cold welcome as Malik pulled a short one from him to midwicket for a boundary off the first ball. His last of the over gave the same result except it was to third man region.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 41.3 II Score: 210/6 (Malik: 8*, Gul: 0*)

OUT! And Kamran Akmal’s stay lasts for just two deliveries! He has been caught at slip by Sehwag off Jadeja. It was a tossed up delivery from Jadeja and Akmal came forward for the drive. The ball took an outside edge and flew into the hands of Sehwag. He goes for a duck. Half of Pakistan team is back in the hut.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 41.1 II Score: 210/5 (Malik: 8*, K Akmal: 0*)

OUT! And Nasir Jamshed has been dismissed after a fine innings by Ravindra Jadeja! Nasir Jamshed skips out and misses one from Jadeja. Dhoni misses the chance as he cannot collect it cleanly. However, it lobs off his gloves and on the second attempt, he manages to disturb the bails. The umpire calls for a replay and Jamshed is adjudged out. He scored 106 (124b, 4X12, 6X2).

PAKISTAN: Overs: 40 II Score: 205/4 (Jamshed: 103*, Malik: 6*)

A brilliant punch towards mid off for a boundary by Nasir Jamshed to bring up his third century in the ODIs – all of them against India. The first one came in the Aisa Cup last year while the next two have come in the current series. He punches the air in delight and the dressing room is on its feet to congratulate him for the brilliant effort. This over also ended Ashwin’s quota of 10. His figure for the match: 10-0-49-1

PAKISTAN: Overs: 39 II Score: 197/4 (Jamshed: 99*, Malik: 4*)

Whattay shot from Jamshed! He was looking impatient and what a way to break the shackles! Aback of a length delivery from Dinda and Jamshed hits it straight over his head for a biggie!

PAKISTAN: Overs: 38 II Score: 187/4 (Jamshed: 90*, Malik: 3*)

Appeal for a run out and Billy Bowden asks for the TV replay. A direct hit from Virat Kohli from mid off. Replays show that Jamshed had made his ground and with that he moves into the 90s. Just three runs from Ashwin’s over. Pakistan were 141/0 at one stage and have lost four wickets since then while scoring just 41.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 35.6 II Score: 182/4 (Jamshed: 88*, Malik: 0*)

R Ashwin traps Misbah in front and India get their fourth wicket in the Pakistani skipper. He scored just 2 (5b). Shoaib Malik is the new man in. Offspinner from Ashwin as Misbah attempts to work it to fine leg but misses it as it hits him on the pad. That would have gone on to hit the stumps. Nothing wrong with the decision now. India have tightened their grip as the match has progressed.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 34.3 II Score: 177/3 (Jamshed: 86*, Haq: 1*)

OUT! Unlucky for Younis Khan as he is wrongly adjudged lbw off Suresh Raina as India get another wicket! Younis attempts a sweep and gets a big inside edge that hits him on the pads. The Indians appeal loudle and umpire agrees raising his finger. He scored 10 (20b,). In comes Misbah-ul-Haq.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 33 II Score: 171/2 (Jamshed: 81*, Khan: 8*)

Even though Ishant Sharma hasn’t picked a wicket in this match so far for India, he has clearly been the top bowler for them. He hasn’t given them the width and has kept it tight right from the word go. Hopefully, he starts picking up the wickets as well that’ll definitely raise his confidence level. Meanwhile, signs of desperation from the Pakistani batsman as Jamshed charges forward to hit one from Sharma but misses it completely. B Kumar back into the attack.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 29 II Score: 158/2 (Jamshed: 76*, Khan: 1*)

Raina misfields one as Jamshed adds another boundary to his total. It was a powerful hit that even Raina couldn’t stop that. Meanwhile, there was a chance of a run out in the previous over as Jamshed played one back to Jadeja. Younis Khan was out of his crease and Jadeja displayed presence of mind to collect it and hit the stumps. Umpire called for TV replay but Khan was safely home.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 26.3 II Score: 151/2 (Jamshed: 70*, Khan: 0*)

Dinda drops it short and Jamshed goes after it like a hungry leopard depositing it over deep square leg fence for the first six of the day. A brilliant shot!

PAKISTAN: Overs: 25.6 II Score: 145/2 (Jamshed: 64*, Khan: 0*)

An appeal from Jadeja for an lbw but the umpire is not interested as Azhar Ali attempts a sweep. He immediately sets off for a single but Jamshed sends him back. Meanwhile, Dhoni picks it up and throws it towards the stumps where Sehwag smartly takes off the bails befor Azhar could make his ground. Ali is disappointed. He scored 2 (10b). In walks Younis Khan.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 25 II Score: 141/1 (Jamshed: 63*, Ali: 1*)

And Dhoni brings back Ashoke Dinda. A good over from the pacer as he gives away just two runs. The run rate has dropped below six.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 23.5 II Score: 141/1 (Jamshed: 62*, Ali: 0*)

OUT! And Ravindra Jadeja makes the first breakthrough. He has cleaned up Mohammad Hafeez who went for a sweep but missed it completely as his bails were disturbed to the delight of Indian supporters in the stadium. He scored 76 (74b, 4X10). In walks Azhar Ali.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 23 II Score: 140/0 (Jamshed: 61*, Hafeez: 76*)

Another good over for Pakistan as they collect twelve runs off it. Two boundaries off it – one each from Hafeez and Jamshed. A good opening stand this for Paksitan.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 20 II Score: 117/0 (Jamshed: 54*, Hafeez: 60*)

Pakistan are off to a solid start in this second ODI against India. Both the openers have scored a fifty each and are looking strong in the middle. Jamshed completed his fifty with a boundary off Ashwin in style.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 16 II Score: 98/0 (Jamshed: 45*, Hafeez: 50*)

A single off Raina brings up Hafeez’s 15th ODI half-century. Meanwhile, Nasir Jamshed has scored two boundaries off the over. The first one came off the first ball through extra cover while the second came off a short ball that was handsomely pulled towards midwicket. The current run rate is 6.12.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 15 II Score: 88/0 (Jamshed: 36*, Hafeez: 49*)

A good effort from Virat Kohli as Nasir Jamshed played one from Ashwin in the air to backward point. Kohli went after it with a full length dive but failed to gobble it. In the previous over, B Kumar was brought back into the attack and was creamed for 11 runs including two boundaries each by Hafeez and Jamshed towards midwicket (pull) and past the slip region (deliberate) respectively.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 12 II Score: 70/0 (Jamshed: 29*, Hafeez: 38*)

Jamshed adds two boundaries to his total from the overs of Ashwin and Sharma. The four off Ashwin cams through an outside edge to third man while one off Sharma was actually an invitation to be hit for four as the bowler strayed from the line to the legs. Jamshed played it to deep backward region as the cherry raced towards the fence.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 10 II Score: 59/0 (Jamshed: 19*, Hafeez: 37*)

Just one run from Ishant’s third over. He is bowling well today. So after 10 overs, Pakistan are 59/0. The Indian quicks managed to induce edges but the luck was on the batsmen’s side as they went through gaps and for a boundary. With every passing over, the duo of Hafeez and Jamshed have grown more accustomed to the conditions and are easily scoring runs. The powerplay has ended and time for the introduction of spin. R Ashwin into the attack and is bowling with a slip.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 9 II Score: 58/0 (Jamshed: 18*, Hafeez: 37*)

The score has gone past 50-run mark. Hafeez drove Dinda through on side for a boundary that took the score past 50. The penultimate delivery is superbly timed and pushed through covers for another boundary. The run flow is increasing by the over. 10 runs from it.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 7 II Score: 41/0 (Jamshed: 18*, Hafeez: 20*)

Two consecutive boundaries scored by Jamshed off the first two deliveries from Kumar. The first one came via an edge to third man region while the second through a glance to fine leg boundary. The southpaw is getting into his groove. The next three from the bowler are dots while the last one produces a couple. 10 runs from the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 6 II Score: 31/0 (Jamshed: 8*, Hafeez: 20*)

So Ishant Sharma introduced into the attack. A positive start by the lanky pacer who keeps Hafeez guessing. He nips one in as Hafeez mistimes and then extracts extra bounce then beats him with movement. However, Hafeez leans forward and delightfully drives his last for a couple through cover region. Just two runs from the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 4 II Score: 24/0 (Jamshed: 8*, Hafeez: 13*)

Dinda bowls one on Jamshed’s pads and he smartly flicks it over Ashwin’s head at square leg for his first boundary. Seven runs including a boundary and three singles from the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 3 II Score: 17/0 (Jamshed: 3*, Hafeez: 12*)

Again Kumar induces an outside edge and as was before goes wide of Ashwin for a boundary to third man region. Hafeez came forward and looked to play it towards point region. It took a thick outside edge and went for four. Eight runs from the over.

PAKISTAN: Overs: 1 II Score: 5/0 (Jamshed: 1*, Hafeez: 4*)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has begun the proceedings for India as Nasir Jamshed and Mohammed Hafeez take guard for Pakistan. Last time Kumar opened the bowling, he had bowled Hafeez off the first delivery. He managed to induce an edge off him but it went wide of second slip, where R Ashwin was stationed, for a boundary. Five runs from the first over for Pakistan. Ashoke Dinda will join Kumar from the other end.

Toss: India win the toss and elect to bowl first.
Ravindra Jadeja comes in for Rohit Sharma in the Indian XI. Pakistan, however, go with the same team.

Latest Update: Despite unlikely overnight rains, match is all set to start on time. Earlier, it was thought that match would be delayed but since there has been no rain since morning, it is expected that match would start at scheduled 12 noon. The conditions, though, remain overcast.

10 a.m. update: The start of the match may be delayed due to a bad weather condition in Kolkata. The scheduled start is 12 noon (IST).

Wrecked by Pakistani seamers in their opening ODI match, India`s under-fire cricketers will have to pull themselves up against the arch rivals when they clash in a must-win second cricket one-dayer with the form of their top-order batsmen a concern.

Teams (from):

India: Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Ashok Dinda

Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, Nasir Jamshed, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq(c), Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal(w), Umar Gul, Saeed Ajmal, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan

Match Starts: 12 noon (IST).

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