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India vs England 2013 Live Score Kochi ODI


INDIA: Overs:(50) II Score: 285/6 (R Ashwin*1, R Jadeja 61)

INDIA: Overs: 50.2 II Score: 270/6 (Jadeja 47*, Ashwin 0*)

OUT! Dhoni departs after yet again guiding his team out of troubled waters. He has been caught at sweeper cover by Root off Jade Dernbach. He began the over with a boundary to midwicket region unleashing his helicopter shot yet again in this match. A brilliant knock from the Indian skipper this! He scored 72 (66b, 4X7, 6X2). In comes R Ashwin.

INDIA: Overs: 49 II Score: 265/5 (Dhoni 68*, Jadeja 47*)

This partnership has suddenly reached 91 runs. Blame it on the assault that these two have launched on the English bowlers. Dhoni showing why he is considered to be one of the most dangerous ODI batsmen. This over from Finn has also provided reach dividends to the Indians. 15 runs came off it including three boundaries – 2 by Dhoni and 1 by Jadeja.

INDIA: Overs: 48 II Score: 250/5 (Dhoni 57*, Jadeja 43*)

Another good over for the hosts. Jadeja picking a boundary to deep midwicket region. 10 runs came off it. 12 deliveries remaining. How many can India score off them? India have reached 250 runs.

INDIA: Overs: 47 II Score: 240/5 (Dhoni 55*, Jadeja 35*)

That is it! MS Dhoni has again played the role of a saviour completing yet another ODI fifty delighting the crowd with his POWERPUFF HITTING! He reached his fifty with a boundary straight dwin the ground. He followed that with another boundary to midwicket region. 10 runs from it.

INDIA: Overs: 46 II Score: 230/5 (Dhoni 46*, Jadeja 34*)

The crowd loves this! Another big over for India! Dhoni opens his arms and smashes a slower one from Dernbach over long on with brute force for a maximum! Jadeja, as he did in the previous over, ends this from Dernbach with a boundary over midwicket. The noise is deafening!

INDIA: Overs: 45 II Score: 217/5 (Dhoni 38*, Jadeja 29*)

What an over for India! Jadeja decides enough is enough and creams Woakes for 14 runs. He bengan the assault with a biggie over long on. He stayed quiet off the next and then played a full toss towards backward point region for four. He ended the over with another boundary through midwicket region.

INDIA: Overs: 43 II Score: 202/5 (Dhoni 28*, Jadeja 14*)

Dhoni smashes Woakes first delivery of the over for a six over deep midwicket boundary. Jadeja takes the aerial route and lofts it over mid off region for a four. That boundary took the Indian score past 200-run mark.

INDIA: Overs: 42 II Score: 190/5 (Dhoni 31*, Jadeja 9*)

MS Dhoni breaks the shackles with a boundary off James Tredwell past short fine leg. Eight runs came off it. India will need more of these if they have to post a competitive total.

INDIA: Overs: 39.2 II Score: 174/5 (Dhoni 24*, Jadeja 0*)

OUT! Another Indian batsman gets out after being bowled! A slower one from Finn and Raina looks to hit it over midwicket region. It takes an inside edge and crashes on the off stump! He is livid with himself. An important breakthrough for England. He scored 55 (78b, 4×2, 6×2). In comes Ravindra Jadeja.

INDIA: Overs: 39 II Score: 174/4 (Raina 55 *, Dhoni 24*)

Animated discussion/argument between Dhoni and Dernbach! Dhoni, in fact, is unhappy with Dernbach as he was standing on his way to the non-strikers’ end. Dernbach defends himself and thankfully it doesn’t blow up.

INDIA: Overs: 37 II Score: 168/4 (Raina 53 *, Dhoni 20*)

Dhoni smashes a full toss straight past Dernbach for his first boundary of the innings. Five runs came off it. This current partnership is just a single away from reaching 50-run mark.

INDIA: Overs: 35.2 II Score: 156/4 (Raina 50 *, Dhoni 15*)

Suresh Raina completes his fifty guiding one to third man region for a boundary. This is Raona’s 26th ODI fifty. It has come at a crucial time for India. A sensible knock so far from the southpaw.

INDIA: Overs: 35 II Score: 156/4 (Raina 46 *, Dhoni 15*)

So, we move on to the final 15 overs – 90 deliveries. Can India post in excess of 280 or even cross 300? If these two manage to stay late, 300 will be a real possibility considering the reputation Raina and Dhoni have when it comes to hitting big. Meanwhile, drinks are on the field and Raina is out of the park to catch a break.

INDIA: Overs: 33 II Score: 147/4 (Raina 41*, Dhoni 11*)

A quiet phase of play. India playing safe, not taking risks at the moment. What they are missing out on is in singles and doubles. The scoreboard is not ticking along at the moment. The current pait has added 28 runs to the total.

INDIA: Overs: 30 II Score: 136/4 (Raina 35*, Dhoni 7*)

Raina goes big and clears his front foot to deposit Tredwell deep into the stands over deep midwicket region. Eight runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 28.5 II Score: 128/4 (Raina 28*, Dhoni 7*)

Oh! Was that an edge? Woakes and Kieswetter think so but not the umpire. Dhoni went after a length delivery from Woakes but missed it. There was a loud appeal for caught behind but to no avail.

INDIA: Overs: 26.2 II Score: 119/4 (Raina 26*, Dhoni 0*)

OUT! A furious Virat Kohli is seen swinging his bat, hitting the ground with it and them his helmet after throwing away his wicket just when he looked to get back his groove! Chris Woakes comes back into the attack and immediately makes an impact. Virat Kohli shimmies down the track and lofts one from Woakes over extra cover region. Ian Bell is at sweeper cover accepts a dolly! He scored 37 (54b, 4X1, 6X1). In comes skipper MS Dhoni.

INDIA: Overs: 25 II Score: 114/3 (Kohli 35*, Raina 23*)

Raina cuts Tredwell between short third man and backward point for a boundary. Seven runs came off the over (24th). Off the next over came just two runs.

INDIA: Overs: 23 II Score: 105/3 (Kohli 33*, Raina 16*)

Kohli releases the tension with a biggie off Samit Patel that he plays inside out over extra cover region over the boundary ropes. He looks angry with something, probably with the umpire as he was questioning him as to why he hadn’t given the second delivery of the over a no ball since there were only three fielders inside the circle.

INDIA: Overs: 20 II Score: 89/3 (Kohli 22*, Raina 12*)

Three runs each from the 19th and 20th over bowled by Patel and Tredwell resp. India need to build a partnership here. A lot of overs are ahead of them. They do have wickets in their hands. Only thing is that they need someone to saty in the middle and not give away easy wickets.

INDIA: Overs: 18 II Score: 83/3 (Kohli 18*, Raina 10*)

SIX! Suresh Raina caps the over with a biggies off James Tredwell over deep midwicket boundary. That was angled in and Rain slog wept it for his and India’s first six of the match.

INDIA: Overs: 15.2 II Score: 71/3 (Kohli 16*, Raina 0*)

OUT! And James Trdewell has broken the stand! Yuvraj is seen mumbling something as he leaves for the pavilion after the umpire adjudged him lbw off Tredwell. He scored 32 (37b, 4X5). An angled delivery from Tredwell and Yuvraj went for a sweep. He got some glove on it as the ball hit him on the front pad. In comes Suresh Raina.

INDIA: Overs: 15 II Score: 71/2 (Kohli 16*, Yuvraj 32*)

Yuvraj has shaken off the weariness and is now playing some lovely strokes! This is a crucial partnership for India. This stand has crossed 50-run mark. Yuvraj cut Patel for a boundary through point region while off the next over from Waokes, just pushed one through mid off to add another boundary to his total. This 15th over bowled by Patel has produced seven runs including 2 wides.

INDIA: Overs: 11 II Score: 48/2 (Kohli 11*, Yuvraj 16*)

The Indian batsmen are living dangerously. The good thing is that they are still batting. Samit Patel goaded Kohli to come forward for a drive. He chipped it to the right of Eoin Morgan at extra cover. Four runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 10 II Score: 44/2 (Kohli 9*, Yuvraj 14*)

Chris Woakes introduced into the attack replacing Jade Dernbach. His first is a wide but he nearly gets Virat off the next after the batsman attempts a cut that results in an inside edge. This is Woakes seventh ODI and has taken seven wickets in his previous six games. He could have been celebrating off his final delivery as Yuvraj played one nearly into the hands of Alastair Cook at short midwicket. Two runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 9 II Score: 42/2 (Kohli 8*, Yuvraj 14*)

Yuvraj exploits the big gap on his on side! A short one from Finn and he pulls it way to deep square leg region for a boundary. It didn’t came off the middle of his bat but still was hit hard enough to reach the fence. 7 runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 8 II Score: 35/2 (Kohli 6*, Yuvraj 9*)

Stand and deliver! Now that’s the Yuvraj Singh everyone likes to watch. Short and wide, the southpaw plays it through covers for his first boundary. He scores a triple off the next. 10 runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 7 II Score: 25/2 (Kohli 4*, Yuvraj 2*)

Team India’s physio had to make a quick trip to the ground after Yuvraj was hit on his elbow in his endeavour to pull a short one from Finn! He went into his short a bit early and as a result it hit him on the elbow. He though managed to score a single off it to third man.

INDIA: Overs: 6 II Score: 24/2 (Kohli 4*, Yuvraj 2*)

Oh! That was close! Virat Kohli could have been on his way out, following his teammates Gambhir and Rahane to a similar dismissal. Kohli went for a cut after Dernbach dropped one short. The ball took an inside edge and nearly crashed on the stumps! A boundary for India to fine leg as Kohli gets off the mark.

INDIA: Overs: 4.3 II Score: 18/2 (Kohli 0*, Yuvraj 0*)

OUT! Rahane has been bowled! Steve Finn bowls one full and straight. Like Gambhir, Rahane stayed rooted to his position. The result was a huge gap between his bat and pads that provided a clear path for the ball to crash on the stumps. He scored 4 (14b). In comes Yuvraj Singh. Early blows for India leave them in a spot of bother as both their openers are back in the hut.

INDIA: Overs: 3.6 II Score: 18/1 (Rahane 4*, Kohli 0*)

OUT! Full and straight from Derbach and it goes through his gates to crash on the stumps. He has to depart early after scoring 8 (13b, 4X1). Derbach strikes for England as India lose their first wicket in Gambhir. In comes Virat Kohli.

Rahane could have been on his way out of the park had Kieswetter not dropped a thick edge off the second delivery. To the surprise of skipper Cook, umpire gave it as a wide. Meanwhile, Gambhir played one between the slips to third man region for the first boundary of the innings before being castled.

INDIA: Overs: 3 II Score: 12/0 (Gambhir 4*, Rahane 2*)

Another good over from Finn! Just two runs from it. Again an appeal for lbw off the last ball. Umpire still unimpressed as Gambhir survives another close call. Replays suggest there was a thin edge.

INDIA: Overs: 2 II Score: 10/0 (Gambhir 3*, Rahane 2*)

Five wides! A wayward delivery from Dernbach as it keeps on swinging towards the leg. Kieswetter put in a dive but couldn’t catch that. Eight runs from the over. An appeal for lbw off the final ball of the over but umpire isn’t impressed. Dernbach cannot believe it as Gambhir takes a single.

INDIA: Over: 1 II Score: 2/0 (Gambhir 1*, Rahane 1*)

Gautam Gambhir and Ajinkya Rahane are out in the middle for India while Steve Finn will begin the proceedings for England. A good start for the Poms as the first over produces just two runs. Jade Derbach will bowl the second over,

WOW! You could mistake this stadium for a football ground because of the noise the capacity crowd is creating! This is going to be really tough for the umpires and players to hear faintest of nicks and calls for runs or catches! Breathtaking atmosphere!

TEAM NEWS: INDIA: Shami Ahmed in for Ashoke Dinda.

ENGLAND: Chris Woakes in for Tim Bresnan

Toss: India have won the toss and Dhoni has elected to bat first.

Build-Up: After much anticipation and build-up to the India-England ODI series, the first game turned out to be a close one and England eventually edged India by 9 runs. The game saw over 600 runs and was a pretty even contest. But with England leading the series 1-0, can India bounce back at Kochi? Stay tuned to find out…


India: Gautam Gambhir, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Shami Ahmed.

England: Alastair Cook(c), Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Joseph Root, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter(w), Samit Patel, James Tredwell, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach, Chris Woakes.

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