India vs Australia LIVE Score Second Test Day 3


(1st innings) Score: IND 404/4(124.5)

Updates from Day 3 of the second Test being played between India and Australia at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 400/3 II Overs: 123 (Kohli 4*, Tendulkar 3*)


The first session of Day 3 has also belonged to India as they’ve stretched the lead to 163 runs. There are two new batsmen at the crease, but Pujara and Vijay made the most of their hundreds, making it, as some ads would put it, ‘large’. Time for some honey chilli potatoes, masala noodles and a plate of momos. Join us in half and hour or so, after lunch.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 400/3 II Overs: 122 (Kohli 4*, Tendulkar 3*)

India reach 400

Maxwell has bowled well in this spell, apart from that poor first over, but Sachin and Kohli are both off the mark now. While Sachin is slightly lucky to sweep a Maxwell ball for a couple, Kohli cover-drives a slightly over-pitched ball for four. Last over before lunch, we think, as India reach 400.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 393/3 II Overs: 121 (Kohli 0*, Tendulkar 0*)

Pujara goes after scoring 200

OUT! And now Pujara departs, hooking a short ball from Pattinson who gets his well-deserved wicket too. The ball went down to fine leg where Doherty took a smart catch diving forward. Two new batsmen at the crease now as Australia may sense they could restrict the damage with a few quick wickets. Kohli is the new man in.

Pujara c Doherty b Pattinson 204 (341b)

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 392/2 II Overs: 119.1 (Pujara 203*, Tendulkar 0*)

Pujara reaches his 200!

That’s surely the final nail in Australia’s coffin. Stats show India has won every time Pujara has scored a 200. He gets to his second double hundred by dirty-dancing down the track and hitting it for four between deep midwicket and long on. Sachin congratulates him and there could be no better feeling for a young Indian cricketer, could there!?

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 387/2 II Overs: 118 (Pujara 198*, Tendulkar 0*)

Murali Vijay departs

OUT! Maxwell exults as the excellent Murali Vijay departs. The ball bounced and spun in on him and he only managed deflecting the ball to leg slip where Cowan took it safely and gratefully. The 370-run partnership is finally broken after more than 7 hours. Sachin Tendulkar is the new man in, as the crowd’s volume just gets much, much louder!

Murali Vijay c Cowan b Maxwell 167 (361b)

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 378/1 II Overs: 115 (Pujara 191*, Vijay 167*)

Pujara into the not-quite-as-nervous 190s

The gritty Pujara has now moved into the 190s which isn’t hyped to be ‘nervous’ quite like the 90s have been. He didn’t look nervous even in the 90s for that matter, so the cliche doesn’t hold as true for him! Siddle and Maxwell bowling in tandem as the lead is now 141 runs. A silent last couple of overs as well.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 376/1 II Overs: 113 (Pujara 189*, Vijay 167*)

Pujara crosses 1000 runs in Test cricket

Pujara moves steadily closer to his second double century, as the number-crunchers keep throwing more stats our way, leading to more frequent updates. My aching fingers would like to inform you that Pujara has become the second fastest Indian batsmen to reach the 1000 Test runs landmark. He’s done it in 18 innings. The chart has a funny sense of irony though as topping it is Vinod Kambli who achieved it in 14 innings. Pujara is far from a cricketing legend yet, it seems. Let’s hope he keeps it up. The lead is now 139 by the way.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 373/1 II Overs: 112 (Pujara 186*, Vijay 167*)

The partnership is now worth 350

Debutant Maxwell replaces Doherty in the bowling attack, presumably to reach taht 100 himself. The Indian duo look to go after him at immediately, grabbing 10 in the over, with two lovely fours by Vijay. The two have now put on 356 runs after coming together with the score at 17/1.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 363/1 II Overs: 111 (Pujara 186*, Vijay 157*)

Highest Indian 2nd wicket partnership

Vijay and Pujara now hold the record for the highest ever second wicket partnership by an Indian pair. Their undefeated 346 beats Gavaskar and Vengsarkar’s phenomenal 344* against the then-dominant Windies at Kolkata in 1978. The lead, for those who really dont’ want to calculate it, is now 126 runs.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 361/1 II Overs: 110 (Pujara 185*, Vijay 156*)

Century for Doherty

Poor young Doherty is the latest in a long line of Aussie spinners who have achieved pointlessly unenviable landmarks. He has now conceded over 100 runs in this innings, brought up with a sharp cut for four by Pujara. His pitiable figures now read: 35-11-104-0. He has been acceptably economical, but he hasn’t had to deal with someone like Dhoni blasting him about. Yet.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 350/1 II Overs: 108 (Pujara 179*, Vijay 151*)

India get past 350

The runs have been coming easy after a quiet first five overs this morning. Their eyes in, mind in and bats well tapped, the two have pushed India past 350 ater Pujara punishes Doherty’s short and wide ball to the point boundary. Australia, meanwhile, are praying for a wicket here; they certainly don’t seem to be bowling for one!

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 345/1 II Overs: 107 (Pujara 175*, Vijay 150*)

Vijay reaches his 150

Murali Vijay has crossed another milestone as he scampers through for a quick single to bring up his 150. He’s really making his time at the crease count. Meanwhile, as an important footnote, India’s lead stretches to 108.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 332/1 II Overs: 102 (Pujara 172*, Vijay 140*)

Vijay beats his personal best

Murali Vijay has really made his determination and hardwork count as this is now his highest individual score in Test cricket. He brings it up, ironically enough, by edging a slower ball through the vacant slip region for four. His previous best was 139. A few boundaries coming in now.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 321/1 II Overs: 98 (Pujara 165*, Vijay 135*)

Triple-century partnership comes up

India have started the day slowly and steadily, zoning in again and getting back in touch. Sensible play by the pair who have now put on over 300 runs together! It’s the second time, incidentally, that Vijay has been involved in a 300-run partnership, or so I hear the commentator announce! Just one boundary in the 5 overs so far, by the way, thanks to a glorious cut shot by Vijay off Doherty in this last over.

INDIA (1st innings) Score: 311/1 II Overs: 93 (Pujara 162*, Vijay 129*)

DAY 3: India will be looking to pile on the runs and bat the Aussies out of the match. If the batting line-up performs the way it has been so far against the Aussies, we expect India to take a big lead and declare around tea-time today, giving their bowlers enough time to exploit the pitch on the final two days and carve out back-to-back wins. But let`s first find out what`s happened in the match so far.


It has been a rather one-sided couple of days as India have dominated in all departments. After Australia ended their innings or a meagre 237/9 (yes, they did declare) on Day 1, collapsing from a respectable 208/4 to their eventual total within 17 crucial overs, India began circumspectly.

Sehwag, once again, departed early on Day 2, caught behind for 6 off Siddle. Murali Vijay, who has also been under immense pressure to perform, dug deep as he and Pujara ground out a tough first session that yielded just 49 runs.

India vs Australia: Second Test, Day 2 – Round-up»

The two, having played themselves in arduously and determinedly, began to open up a little in the second session, notching up 106 runs in the 30 overs. Both batsmen had crossed their 50s and were looking strong as the Aussie bowling looked insipid, uninspired and unimpressive.

The third session saw Pujara go after the bowling and Vijay had his patch with a flurry of boundaries and a six as the pair piled on the pressure on the men from down under. They both reached their hundreds confidently and Pujara even smashed a six later in the day to bring up his 150. The duo smashed 151 runs in the final session as India ended the day at a dominant 311/1.

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