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AAP office attack Arvind Kejriwal says violence will not solve problems


Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday condemned the attack on his party’s office in Ghaziabad’s Kaushambhi by a right-wing group.

Speaking to reporters, Kejriwal asked, “What will be achieved by attacking me or Prashant Bhushan?”

It may be noted that the Hindu Raksha Dal vandalised the AAP office and threatened to attack party leaders over Prashant Bhushan’s controversial remarks on referendum in Kashmir.

Kejriwal categorically stated that “Army deployment in Kashmir is decided by the Central government. While it is important to respect people’s view, referendum is not an option.”

“Prashant (Bhushan) has already clarified that referendum on Kashmir is not endorsed by the AAP,” Kejriwal added.

He said the group attacked party office only to keep the issue of Bhushan’s comments in the news.

“If they can solve the problem in Kashmir by harming Prashant or me, I am ready to meet them at any place and any time,” the Delhi CM said, adding, “I invite the attackers to come and have an open chat with me.”

He reiterated that he will not take security.

“I will not take security. Problem will not be solved by staying under security cover. But, I will ask volunteers; if they feel, security can be asked for office,” Kejriwal said.

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