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1st Test Day 2 Tendulkar Kohli take Ind to 182/3


INDIA Score: 182/3 II Overs: 52 (Tendulkar: 71*, Kohli: 50*)

That’s Stumps on Day 2! Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are still at the crease for India. Kohli completed his Test fifty in the final over of the second day with a single off Lyon. India were given early setbacks in Vijay and Sehwag by charging Pattinson. However, first Pujara and tendulkar and then Tendulkar and Kohli led the counterattack driving India safely out of the danger zone. India have avoided follow-on. The good news is that Tendulkar and Kohli have looked good today. Especially Tendulkar who was right on the money from the word go! Pattinson took all three wickets in Indian innings and was bowled for short bursts. He bowled just six in the 52 overs bowled today.

INDIA Score: 179/3 II Overs: 50 (Tendulkar: 70*, Kohli: 48*)

Nathan Lyon has been brought back. Clarke proved expensive in his short spell of 2 overs leaking 14 runs. He immediately replaced himself with Lyon whose first in the current spell went for three. Mitchell Starc continues to bowl from the other end. A superb placement off Lyon through extra cover saw Kohli earning his sixth boundary in the 48th over. In the next over, Starc bowled one full and outside leg, Tendulkar played it fine to add another boundary to his total. The fifth delivery of the 50th over was tossed up and Kohli drove it through cover region for another boundary.

INDIA Score: 156/3 II Overs: 45 (Tendulkar: 65*, Kohli: 31*)

Michael Clarke was given a cold welcome by Kohli as he scored two boundaries in his first over – both through covers. His first fetched India 10 runs. Eight runs came in the next four. Moises Henriques is giving him company from the other end. Still no James Pattinson. He has been given really short spells today by Clarke. Cannot grasp the reason behind this! Is he that fragile? Or is there a strategy behind this?

INDIA Score: 138/3 II Overs: 40 (Tendulkar: 60*, Kohli: 18*)

Sachin Tendulkar has reached yet another milestone. He has now scored 7000 runs at home. In the 36th over of the innings, bowled by Henriques, Tendulkar flicked his fourth delivery for his fifth boundary. Off the next four overs came just three runs with one of them being a maiden. Michael Clarke set to bowl his first over.

INDIA Score: 129/3 II Overs: 35 (Tendulkar: 53*, Kohli: 16*)

Sachin Tendulkar has completed yet another Test half-century. This is Masters’ 67th Test fifty. Has looked good today. Is the much awaited ton round the corner? Time will tell. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, is trying to establish himself at the other end. He nearly was bowled by Siddle when a delivery hit him on the pads and missed the stump by the smallest of margins. However, a slight push between mid-wicket and mid-on region, a superb placement through midwicket region must have restored some confidence.

INDIA Score: 105/3 II Overs: 28.4 (Tendulkar: 45*, Kohli: 0*)

OUT! Pattinson is roaring! Cheteshwar Pujara is surprised by a delivery that was pitched a bit short but stayed low. He was slow to react to that and as a result it went on to crash on the stumps! James Pattinson, who was kept away from action, has struck again. Pujara scored 44 (74b, 4X6). Virat Kohli is the new man in the middle. That stand was worth 93 runs. Australia have struck at the right time putting the pressure back on the hosts. India still trailing by 275 runs with seven wickets in hand

INDIA Score: 93/2 II Overs: 25 (Pujara: 39*, Tendulkar: 40*)

Tendulkar survived a scare as he set off for a non-existent single. He played one from Starc to cover and called for a quick single. Warner was quick on his feet and fired in a throw that missed the stumps. Had it hit, Tendulkar would have been on his way out. It’s amazing as how James Pattinson who has taken the two Indian wickets has been kept out of the action! He has bowled only three overs. Compare this with Starc and Siddle who have bowled 10 and four overs respectively.

INDIA Score: 84/2 II Overs: 22 (Pujara: 33*, Tendulkar: 38*)

TEA. There was a huge appeal for lbw as Tendukar took a long stride forward to a Lyon delivery and didn’t offered any short. The umpire wasn’t impressed. 22 overs have been bowled in theis session with Australia rocking India early with two wickets in Vijay and Sehwag. Tendulkar began his innings in style with a cover drive off Pattinson and adding two more in the next three deliveries. Batting alongside him is Pujara who has looked solid. The current partnership is now worth 72 runs.

INDIA Score: 75/2 II Overs: 20 (Pujara: 33*, Tendulkar: 30*)

Nathan Lyon has been brought back after an early introduction in the 12th over replacing Henriques. His first over fetched India three singles. Pujara is growing in confidence with each over. The 16th over bowled by Henriques was a maiden. Off the next bowled by Siddle, Pujara played one past gully for a boundary. That over cost Australia seven runs. Pujara then flicked Henriques first delivery of the next over for another boundary. Six runs came in that over. Clarke then replaced both of them reintroducing Starc and Lyon into the attack.

INDIA Score: 56/2 II Overs: 15 (Pujara: 18*, Tendulkar: 26*)

The Indian score has moved past 50 runs. Tendulkar and Pujara are looking good. After a sizzling beginning, Tendulkar has settled down. Pujara is also looking solid having scored three boundaries of his own. Debutant Moises Henriques has been introduced into the attack replacing James Pattinson.

INDIA Score: 34/2 II Overs: 10 (Pujara: 8*, Tendulkar: 14*)

Sachin Tendulkar began his innings in a superb fashion with three boundaries off his first four deliveries. The first was a typical Tendulkar cover drive off the first delivery while the second was guided between gully and backward point. The third came off the final delivery of the over from Pattinson to fine leg. Starc is creating some problems for Tendulkar with his pace and line. The 10th over of the innings from Siddle was safely negotiated by Tendulkar without adding any run to the total.

INDIA Score: 12/2 II Over: 5.2 (Pujara: 0*, Tendulkar: 0*)

OUT! Oh Dear!!! Virender Sehwag has been bowled! Played on! James Pattinson has removed both the Indian openers. Sehwag was a bit slow as he defended a short one from Pattinson as the ball bounced and hit on the top of the leg stump to dislodge the bail. He wasn’t looking up, searching for the ball on the ground. He scored 2 (11b). Sachin Tendulkar is the new batsman in the middle.

INDIA Score: 11/1 II Overs: 3.2 (Sehwag: 1, Pujara: 0*)

OUT! James Pattinson strikes for Australia! Pitched up delivery and Vijay stays rooted to his crease and goes for a drive. He can only manage an inside edge that uproots the leg stump! Umpire asks him to wait to check for the no-ball. No problem on that front as Australia get their first wicket. Vijay scored 10 (15b, 4X2). Cheteshwar Pujara is the new man in the middle.

INDIA Score: 1/0 II Over: 1 (Vijay: 1*, Sehwag: 0)

Murali Vijay and Virender Sehwag have charged to the middle as India begin their first innings. Mitchell Starc has been handed the new ball and he is bowling with three slips and a gully. His first two balls have been safely left alone by Vijay. The third one is straighter and is defended. Sehwag is wearing spectacles. A loud cheer went up as Vijay took a single off the fifth delivery and gave the strike to Sehwag. Angling away from the right-hander and Sehwag offers his bat but thankfully it went past safely.

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